Benefits of Hiring ME

Contact Law Office of Betsy Walits and you'll see:

  • I still answer my own phone a majority of the time, except when in court
  • As a solo practitioner, I routinely communicate with other practitioners; I'm an active networker and can hook up potential clients with other pracitioners and with practitioners in other areas ir other States
  • Twenty years' as a Professor in Law and Business subjects, ensures that I am a good communicator with broad experience. No one can explain your rights to you more effectively than I.
  • I am also a Certified Family Law Mediator.
  • Quick callbacks and effective client response is a cornerstone of my practice; available by phone, fax or email.
  • I Accept credit cards and am willing to negotiate payment plans if you are willing to pay weekly.
  • No problems associated with big firms, like having to run interference with a secretary to get through to your attorney.
  • Willing to immediately discuss your problem, and provide analysis of your situation whether you hire me or not.
  • If your situation warrants it, scheduling of a complimentary telephonr consultation rght away.
  • Work with an attorney who consistently gets positive client reviews at :
  • Did I mention I still answer my own phone?


As a twenty year veteran of teaching undergraduate law and business classes and a licensed attorney, I am uniquely qualified to handle your case in a dignified, ethical manner

If you can't win your case in a dignified, ethical manner, then you shouldn't be in court. Winning by any means further deflates the public's view of attorneys, who are bound by ethical principals, particularly in areas of family law, to behave as we wish our clients would.. this principal does not mean that I don't want you to win your case. I want you to win your case because you have the better case, not because of some underhanded tactic.


Betsy believes choosing a divorce attorney is a tough job. Particularly when children are involved, it behooves us to do as little damage to that very special relationship as possible when planning a divorce. This is why Betsy took extra training in "cooperative family law" and is also a trained "guardian ad litem" and "certified family law mediator." "Cooperative Law " is now the law of the land in Lake County Indiana, and Betsy practices it whenever and wherever possible. As a practicing attorney in all these areas, Betsy finds that the trust we develop in our daily lives as we go about our family, business and professional responsibilities reflects the trust clients have in us.

According to Betsy, "... those who handle their every day affairs with honesty, integrity and care also exhibit these same qualities in their relationships with their law clients.I am a person who displays integrity in everything I do. The ethics you see when I help my children do their homework or when I judge a Lincoln Douglas debate are the same ethics I use in court.

More Background Info

Betsy had a 20 year career teaching at Niagara University, Indiana University and Purdue before she decided to practice law. For 10 of those years she also owned a bed & breakfast. She has over 2000 alumni of various colleges and universities roaming about out there. In all those years, she only got one bad review...and then she quit.

Betsy never stops fine tuning and strengthening her skills. We don't expect you to believe us, so in the interest of full disclosure we fully disclose all known reviews from any of the websites we know,,, and If you find another site with a review, let us know and we'll post it.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the profession.


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